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    Tips to clean Muddy Mess

    Tips to clean Muddy Mess If you have kids or pets, you’ve probably dealt with your fair share of mud and dirt.  Mud stains are tough to remove, and they can quickly become permanent if not handled properly.  But by following these simple steps, you can conquer any mud stain that life throws [...]

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    Speed Clean Before Your Guests Arrive

    Unexpected Visitors? Speed Clean Before Your Guests Arrive   So you’ve been super busy and haven’t really kept up with the house cleaning – it happens.  But when a friend or relative suddenly calls and says they’re dropping by, running around trying to clean the house in a hurry [...]

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    How to Clean Coffee Spills

    How to Clean Coffee Spills   Walking around the house half asleep, holding a cup of coffee filled to the brim, is just asking for trouble.  So if you like to start off every morning with a hot cup of coffee, spills are only a matter of time.  It doesn’t take long for stains to set in,[...]

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