• Nantucket House Maid Services

    We understand that your home is your sanctuary. So give yourself some time to relax and let us worry about the cleaning. Our Nantucket house maid services team takes great pride in providing thorough cleaning services and assisting with household tasks. Our cleaning team can conquer any task at hand, regardless of size or shape. All of our Nantucket employees hold a strong understanding of how homes should be treated. They are coached to listen carefully to your specific requests, directions, and any other input you may have. This allows us to customize your house cleaning and maid services for your unique priorities.

    Our Nantucket maid services are usually done daily or every other day, and we clean any of the rooms in your home, just as you want them cleaned. We tidy up the entire house, pull the beds together, and do a quick cleaning of used bathrooms, the kitchen, common areas, and bedrooms, as needed. We vacuum/mop used bathrooms and kitchen/common areas. Bedrooms are cleaned as needed. We generally pull used towels and put fresh ones out, and we keep laundry moving while we are there.

    Please do not hesitate to express your concerns and needs for your house. Contact us today for a cleaner home through the Cleaning Fairies Nantucket maid services.