• Post Construction Nantucket Cleaning Service

    Post construction cleaning service by Cleaning Fairies for the Nantucket communities

    Cleaning Fairies offers post construction cleaning services to the Nantucket area to get your house looking like home again. If your house has recently had construction on it, and it’s in dire need of cleaning, you’ve come to the right place. With the completion of any construction projects, there’s often leftover debris that require detailed cleaning. Our Nantucket post construction cleaning services are designed with home owners in mind. Unless a specifically trained post construction cleaning team is used, some dust and small debris can linger for months in hard to reach areas.

    Post construction cleaning entails removing all construction dust and debris from your home, removing stickers from appliances, fixtures and windows, as needed. We clean your home top to bottom, generally using buckets of water and rags to wipe down surfaces, repeating this process anywhere from 1-3 times in order to remove all residue. We wipe inside all cabinets and drawers and rewash things as needed. We wipe all contents and mop floors 2-4 times until there is no residue left behind. Depending on the amount of dust there is usually a layer of airborne dust that will settle after the initial cleaning, so we suggest scheduling a full clean and then another cleaning 1-2 days later. This way we can wipe everything down one more time and clean the floors again to ensure nothing is left behind.

    If your Nantucket house has recently undergone construction, contact the Cleaning Fairies for post construction cleaning service to remove unwanted debris in hard to reach places so you can get back to enjoying your home.