• Nantucket Same Day or Weekly Cleaning Services

    Cleaning Fairies: Your team of cleaners for same day or weekly cleaning service in Nantucket.

    Are your hands full planning for a dinner party? Need reliable service to take the cleaning load off your back? Cleaning Fairies offers same day cleaning service in Nantucket for your immediate needs, and we are just a phone call away. Our same day cleaning service does not sacrifice quality. We don't just move dirt -- we remove it. We will clean both on the surface and deep down, so your home is spotless when your guests arrive.

    * Same day service is contingent on availability and schedule openings.

    Weekly residential cleaning service for the Nantucket, MA communities.

    We come each week at the same time, and we do a thorough cleaning each visit, paying close attention to the bathrooms and kitchen. We will clear cobwebs, dust, vacuum, and mop each time. Depending on your needs, we can clean all used beds and remake them, as well as keep your personal laundry moving through the laundry area. We also check entryways, porches and decks, and give them a quick wipe down as needed. Some clients prefer that we got a bit deeper each time we clean, while others prefer just do a quick surface clean. We have a database that holds your personal cleaning profile, so whether you prefer a certain level of cleaning or you have special requests for personal touches (no beds, laundry each time, etc.), just let us know and we can add that to the profile we have for you. If you want to send a brief summary of exactly what you’d like done, feel free to email us and we will update your profile.

    Whatever your needs are, Cleaning Fairies can provide professional, thorough, and friendly cleaning services for the Nantucket community, whether it’s the same day or weekly cleaning.